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20 November 2019

It’s all about knowledge…

You have a great website, with lots of great content and fantastic products. You have optimised your site for mobile devices and made sure that you are GDPR compliant. But how do you know if you have what people are looking for? Measuring the performance of your website will be the best investment you make and the software you need to do this is free!

It is possible to know so much about the way your customers, clients, or visitors; your audience, interacts with your website, even more so if your site has an ecommerce function. Google Analytics (GA) can track the customer journey around your website including the sales process and give you invaluable insights and strategic signposts.

Automatically collecting audience information through GA makes reporting on your website traffic figures and audience behaviour easy. Reuben Digital can provide this service and ensure that it is set up correctly. GA offers standard reports and you can also create customised reports to track the information you are specifically looking to report on regularly.

If you are using Google AdWords, combining this with GA will provide you with insights that will lead to the increased success of your AdWords Campaigns.  GA will also provide insights into how both your existing audience and new visitors, possibly arriving through your AdWords campaigns, find their way around your site through internal search tools. It can also tell you where other new visitors are coming from.

Importantly GA can help with understanding bounce rates. Just attracting a new visitor is not enough – that visitor must find what they are looking for easily and engage with your site, not immediately bouncing off. Converting the visitor into a customer, especially in an ecommerce site, has to be an obvious end goal.

If you owned a physical shop, you would have the ability to see your customer, viewing their habits first-hand, speaking with them and understanding a certain amount of demographic information at the same time. GA can provide age, gender, interest, device and the location of your audience. Alongside these demographics you may also gain information on which social media platforms your audience are using. This can inform which platforms should be the most effective for social media campaigns.

Most importantly GA can track goal conversions – making sure the goals you want to achieve are being tracked and reached efficiently. These can be different types of goals, like making a purchase, filing in an enquiry form, subscribing to newsletters or offers or downloading an ebook or pdf; all examples of a visitor becoming a customer and business success.

Understanding all of this information can provide you with the basis for effective strategies to improve usability and increase sales and customer satisfaction.

Reuben Digital can ensure that GA is set up correctly and monitoring the goals you wish to track, especially within ecommerce sites. With extensive knowledge and experience Reuben Digital can offer you help and support to understand the reports generated by Google Analytics and suggest improvements to your site based on this invaluable information.

If you would like more information on Google Analytics you might find the info graphic opposite by helpful. 

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