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13 June 2019

Is your website fit for business?

There are many positive sides to the GDPR legislation, which, at the time of writing, is a year old. The law around personal data is now clearer. It has helped to build customer trust for compliant companies, as being ‘cyber safe’ improves your reputation. It should also have helped to streamline business processes.

With more accurate data and better training to make employees more aware of data protection, GDPR legislation should also have improved your marketing practices and ROI, and was a good opportunity for data cleansing and re-engagement. This should have driven a reduction in customer complaints, providing a clearer conscience when dealing with customers.

Twelve months ago data controllers and processors were very focused on the “front end” aspects of GDPR but what about those areas that might have been neglected like the Right to be Forgotten? For companies with complex data streams, Reuben Digital can make sure the data chain is fully compliant.

Consider this 5-step GDPR checklist:

  1. Compliant Opt-ins

How did you deal with the non-compliant records?

  1. Privacy and Terms & Conditions Policies

Have you checked these since?

  1. Cookie Consent options

Does your website have a cookie consent pop-up with cookie options?

  1. Data Retention Policy

Are you following this policy – do you know which records are still ok to retain?

  1. Right to be forgotten

This means throughout your data applications/silos, CRM systems, ecommerce systems, email servers, network servers etc etc.

In addition to the more obvious front-end elements, Reuben Digital can also provide strategies for the less visible elements of GDPR such as the right to be forgotten and privacy and security by design.

Reuben Digital has successfully built systems for existing clients to ensure full GDPR compliance. Reuben Digital is used to integrating disparate and complex systems to ensure business policies, such as those related to GDPR, can be developed and delivered through automation wherever possible. This minimises resource within the business, eliminating human error and providing audit trails where needed.

It’s never too late to address GDPR and there are many benefits in addition to the legal requirement.

  • Enhance your cyber security
  • Improve your data management
  • Increase Marketing ROI
  • Boost Audience Loyalty, Engagement & Trust
  • Be the best, establish a reputation for doing things right!


If you would like more information on GDPR you might find this info graphic helpful.

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