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4th july 2023

Digital Transformation driving people transformation!

I have been leveraging my skills honed over the past 38+ years working at the cutting edge of information technology, to help businesses plan, manage and deliver digital transformations.

Digital transformation is the process of adoption and implementation of digital technology by an organisation in order to create new or modify existing products, services and operations.

Recently I have been consulting with a Food Testing Laboratory, helping them to map then digitise their workflow.

Whats been particularly interesting about this project, is how the initial business need to look at automating manual processes has triggered a shift in the mindset of senior management and the people “on the ground” so to speak. In fact, it has sparked a cultural shift in the organisations people and their relationship with technology!

By completing a deep end-to-end analysis of a business processes, documenting, then refining has made people think about their work and roles in a new way.

For example, when a complex process has been identified, this has in turn stimulated much creative thought around how can it be simplified? how it be made leaner? and how can technology help me do this?

We are learning new things every day, and it feels good to know that we are taking climate change seriously and are fully committed to making a difference.

These are quintessential questions that businesses should be asking all of the time. Reducing complexity and saving time, can directly translate to a better product or service and ultimately more revenue, simple!

Through my personal experiences helping organisations with digital transformation, I have seen for myself the direct influence it has on people. I’ve seen a positive boost in team morale, teams feeling empowered to contribute to improvements in their working environment and really adding value to their roles in business, as an employer or employee. In short, engaged, stimulated and excited about the prospects new technology will bring

Throughout this journey, I have supported them by opening their minds to whats really possible by demonstrating real world digital solutions and online tools that my business has created, proving that anything is possible if you put your mind to it.

Please feel free to share your thoughts and insights on this subject, I would love to hear from you.