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30 April 2020

Just checking in...

As we enter the sixth week of living under Covid-19 lockdown restrictions, we just wanted to check in with you, to say “Hi” and ask how are you doing? 

With the unprecedented and tragic impact for many people across the UK, and the rest of the world for that matter, the past few weeks have been surreal and worrying for everyone.  Here at Reuben that has been no exception.

Away from the daily covid-19 briefings and “house party quizzes”, workspaces on dining tables have been hastily set up, home schooling parental responsibilities have been grappled with, and video conference calls with colleagues and clients alike have become the new norm! We sincerely hope you are coping and adapting well to these changes.

Fortunately for us, operating in the digital world has made this adjustment relatively easy, since we have the infrastructure in place to work from home effectively as an integral aspect of our BCP (Business Continuity Plan). We’ve also started using newer apps like Slack to convey everyday conversation more freely between colleagues.  If you’d like any advice on your BCP or tips on getting the best out of your working from home set-up then please do get in touch.

We continue to be busy with many projects for our clients and would like to thank you for your ongoing input and commitment which makes this possible.  Many of our customers have contacted us with big (and small) change requests to their digital channels as a result of the coronavirus epidemic.  We are able to offer fast support to change homepage messages about new or revised services offered at the current time, to give advice on how to signpost new opening times, special offers or other guidelines which have temporarily become the “new normal”.

We are also happy to advise you on ways to engage with your customers during these unprecedented times, including leveraging existing ecommerce platforms with features such as discount and offer codes, gift vouchers, email newsletters or special website pop ups.  It’s great to see how many of our clients are using their online presence to convey details about new services and ways of working which may have seemed fanciful at the beginning of the year.

Please do get in touch with us – we are always happy to talk, whether it’s for urgent business advice or even just to literally touch base for a chat – and we look forward to getting thorough the next weeks and months together.

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