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25th January 2024

Navigating Tech Trends for Business Success

In the dynamic world of technology, the allure of one-size-fits-all solutions is dispelled by the constant emergence of trends such as AI (the hottest topic of the moment), or Composable Tech and Headless ecommerce for example.

However, adopting new tech requires a strategic approach, not impulsive decisions. In this short post I with share some of my own tips on navigating the hype.

My approach to technology, is to steer clear of getting caught up in fads and trends. While innovation is essential, the constant emergence of the "next best thing" in technology often leads businesses to react rather than strategise.

I emphasise that before embracing new technology, business leaders must ask crucial questions that address the strategic implications of new technology. The pressure to "innovate or die" is real, but a balance must be struck. Early or rapid adoption can hinder business from extracting optimal value from their digital strategies.

Before jumping on board, I would suggest at a minimum, businesses need to:

    • Evaluate the benefits

    • Understand the integration potentials with existing systems

    • Identify potential overlaps and the risk of redundancy within current ecosystems

    • Visualise and understand what rollout across your teams will entail

    • Understand what will be the ongoing management strategies

    • Crucially, understand what the cost implications will be, both short and medium term (TCO

    • And don’t ever forget, security concerns are crucial factors for consideration

For instance, in the realm of AI, careful consideration is needed. What happens to the data being fed into the system? Ask questions about data security, the potential for exploitation, and circle back on lessons learned from incidents like Cambridge Analytica that highlight the need for a thoughtful approach.

In conclusion, strategic adoption of technology involves a careful balance between innovation and practicality, guided by an effective strategising framework. By empowering stakeholders, aligning teams, and embracing a structured approach, businesses can navigate the ever-evolving landscape of technology trends successfully.

I would love to hear your thoughts on how you navigate tech fashion!

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