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4th April 2023

Massive Monday!

Yesterday was a Massive day for my business an me personally!

Through Reuben Digital, for many years I have been providing our web tech and development services to charities and not for profit organisations, and generally, where I felt there was a purpose.

As many of you will know, I have a deep passion for jazz music. I spend my free time playing sax with my own band Shades of Silver, with local amateur jazz outfits, and for many years as the baritone sax player with Swindon’s oldest big band; The Mid-West. When not playing I’m attending live gigs, jazz dance DJ events, or collecting and listening to my favourite jazz LPs.

This passion led to a meeting of minds and a new friendship between myself and the very talented and award-winning Jazz Saxophonist and author Simon Spillett.

As a keen fan of Simon, his music and writing I would always read Simon’s Facebook posts about British Modern Jazz, its artists and the jazz / popular culture associated with it during the golden years of the 1950’s and 1960’s.

Simon has become the leading authority on one of the UK’s most important modern jazz musicians of that period, the late, great Tubby Hayes. Simon is the author of Tubby’s definitive biography “The Long Shadow of The Little Giant”, and with his own amazing quart continues the Tubby Hayes legacy playing many of Tubby’s famous tunes.

During the initial period of the 2020 “lockdown”, Simon was publishing some incredibly rich blog articles on Facebook, and I felt that these were, to quote, “too good to be lost in the Facebook ether”, so I reached out to Simon to offer the services of Reuben Digital to create a formal blog that would sit alongside Simon’s website and offer a permanent digital home to much of this historically and culturally significant writings, pictures and archive material.

From these initial steps, through my business, we have worked hard to develop a whole new digital presence for Simon by way of a fresh new website and blog that is truly deserving of Simon, his music and his place as a leading Tenor Sax playing in the UK Jazz scene and beyond. You can see the site at

During the same period, Simon launched his Big Band project, playing the incredible music, arrangements and compositions once featured by the Tubby Hayes Big Band during the late 1950’s, 1960’s and 1970’s and recorded on such seminal LP’s as 100 Percent Proof. I was lucky enough to attend the bands first gigs after lockdown at London’s 100 club. The band featured many of the UK’s leading jazz musicians and band leaders in their own right, and what a gig it was, they blew the house down! Much of the music has not been played since the vary last time the Tubby Hayes big band performed them over 50 years ago!

With a similar mindset with regards to this amazing band and song book and to that of Simon’s blogging, we got talking about the possibility of recording the big band, something Simon had in his mind.
So fast forwarding to 2023, yesterday, this recording project came of age, via the expert guidance and arranging from UK drummer extraordinaire,Pete Cater, who is also Simon’s regular drummer in his Quartet and the Big Band, a crowd funded project, and financial support from myself and my business, the Big Band recordings have been made!

Yesterday, acting in the capacity of “executive producer” I was privileged to attend the recording session at the fabulous studios and recording facilities available at the Trinity School, Croydon.

To say the band was on point is an understatement, their playing was world class, and the output from the session was incredible and exciting, with almost all tracks in the bag with just one take, with and a second take added to the mix for good measure.

It was an absolute pleasure to hang with the musicians and to play a role in this important part of jazz history in the making!

I would like to extend my thanks to Simon and all the band members for the amazing music and for making myself and my son Reuben feel welcome, and also to Chris the expert recording engineer for putting up with Reuben and I handing about in the mixing booth. Can’t wait to hear the final product, and look out for the LP release in the coming months!