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5th july 2023

The Golf Gift Card!

I’m delighted to share details on an exciting new project that I have had the pleasure of working on this year – The Golf Gift Card.

Earlier this year I was approached by Jane Carter, a leading marketing specialist in the Golf world.

Jane, a former press officer for The Professional Golfers’ Association and responsible for launching the magazine, Women & Golf, and also the editor of Golf Monthly, the only woman to have led the team producing a mainstream golf title! Jane knows the market well!

Working with one of Europe's largest gift card processors, ePay, Jane has taken the lead in bringing to market the UK’s first Golf Gift Card scheme. A long overdue opportunity for the industry.

However, this was no easy task, Jane was faced with a number of technical challenges to enable this scheme to come to fruition, for example:

  • How can we sell and redeem the gift cards online
  • How can golf clubs sell the gift cards in-store
  • How can golf clubs, shops and professionals accept gift cards as payment for Tee time, merchandise and tuition fees, both online and in-person.

Leveraging many years of experience in digital solutioning, and developing the technology behind some of the worlds most successful gift card schemes, Myself, and my businesses Technical Director Mark Vincent, we led Jane through the complex maze of gift card processors, API’s, eCommerce requirements and redemption options, to create a technical strategy to meet these challenges.

Jane was suitably impressed, and subsequently awarded my businesses - Reuben Digital, with the complete project to handle all aspects of the technical and operational build including:

  • UX Design and Build
  • Integration with existing Gift Card Processor for the issuing and redemption of Gift Cards
  • eCommerce Platform for Gift Card Sales
  • Redemption Portal for in-store and mobile based sales redemption's
  • API services for Point-of-Sale integration for Gift Card Redemption's and Activation's
  • API services for third-party eCommerce sales and redemption's.
  • Integration with a Cloud accounting platform
  • Integrations with a Payment Provider
  • Golf Club Portal for sales and redemption tool and reporting

The Golf Gift Card website has a clean, fresh, and easy to use UX. Offering facilities for the online purchase of Gift Cards and a comprehensive directory of golf clubs and golf professionals where customers can find options buy and redeem their gift cards.

The website was soft launched in June, and is due to be fully launched to market imminently.

I’m truly delighted to have worked with Jane and The Golf Gift Card, and welcome them as a new client, and I would like to personally thank them for the opportunity. It’s been amazing to be part of this exciting project that adds nicely to a comprehensive portfolio of gift card clients including National Book Tokens, Theatre Tokens and many others I have delivered for our partners.

Thank you!