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8th November 2019

Why should my website be mobile friendly?

User Experience and Google Ranking are two key reasons for ensuring that your website works well on both mobile and desktop devices. Increasingly audiences are using a combination of devices to access websites depending on where they are, what they are searching for and what time of day it is. Some searches stay on a mobile device and are concluded there. Visitors often search mobile first and then move to a desktop or laptop when they have more time.

Your Google Analytics (GA), if you have this set up, can give you insights into which devices your audience are using to consume your web pages. If you don’t have GA set up Reuben Digital can help you with this.

How does a visitor see your site on a mobile phone or tablet? What is the user experience like?

  • Can they read the text clearly, without zooming?
  • Are any pictures or videos displayed correctly?
  • Are the important calls to action tiny or being lost in endless scrolling?

Google Analytics can give you a certain amount of information about the user experience on mobile. If you compare the bounce rates on the same page for desktop v mobile visitors and the bounce rate is higher for mobile visitors this is a good indication that your page is not performing well on mobile devices.

How does Google see your site?

In the constant battle to appear on page 1 for Google searches, mobile responsiveness is just one of the many elements Google employs. This is because Google wants to provide users with sites that are going to offer the best user experience as well as the best relevance to their search. It is one of elements that you can easily control by investing in mobile friendly development.

If you are not sure if your site is mobile responsive you can test your website here.

Reuben Digital can refresh or redesign your website to ensure that it is mobile responsive.

By spending some time reviewing the layout and design of your site, it can be adjusted so that users feel more comfortable when engaging with it on mobile. Reuben Digital can also ensure that the technical side is covered and the site performs well for Google.


If you would like more information on why your site should be mobile responsive you might find this interesting article helpful.

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