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How can eGift solutions revolutionise your business?

When most people think of eGifting, gift cards or online gift lists, they immediately associate them with big high street brands. However, since Covid-19 has resulted in a huge shift in consumer behaviour – with more people shopping online than ever – different sectors are looking for new ways to generate revenue by tapping into this growing trend.

Retail and beyond

The retail sector has taken a big hit during the pandemic, with forced store closures impacting revenue streams across the board. It’s no surprise that those brands without a strong ecommerce offering have struggled or scrambled to implement a digital offering to reach the growing number of online consumers.

However, it’s not just the retail sector that has been badly impacted by the effects of Covid-19, and it’s not the only industry that can utilise the power of the internet to generate sales or donations. At Reuben Digital, we’ve already helped clients in the charity and events industries utilise this technology to engage new audiences and increase revenue throughout lockdown.

Theatre Tokens Technology Awards - Solution by Reuben Digital
Theatre Tokens e-Gift website by Reuben Digital


Opening your doors to new revenue streams

The events sector has been severely affected by the pandemic, which is why it’s more important than ever for these businesses to look for new ways to drive sales. Just because your venue doors are shut now, it doesn’t mean they will be forever – and that’s where eGifting comes in.

With our work for Theatre Tokens, we were able to revolutionise their digital platform and generate new revenue streams with eGifting and gift card solutions. As a result, these new offerings have helped Theatre Tokens generate tens of thousands of orders – with an 83.2% increase in sales after launch. And since this solution was in place before lockdown, it has helped the company continue to generate sales while theatres remain closed, with customers continuing to purchase gifts for when the doors are open once again.

eGift donations

With the current economic downturn, charities are looking at innovative ways to attract donations while everyone is scrutinising their personal finances. One way this can be done is with the help of eGifting solutions. Just like you can buy your loved ones an e-voucher for their favourite brand of clothing, why not offer people the chance to buy an e-donation for a charity that’s close to their heart?

There are plenty of possibilities charities can explore to increase donations, and with our extensive experience with this technology, Reuben Digital are best placed to advise on the right solution for you.

Join the eGift revolution

We predict that eGifting solutions will play a huge role for businesses across multiple sectors over the coming months and years. And it will be those early adopters and innovators that will reap the rewards of implementing these early.


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