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SEO and digital marketing



Who’s got time for Google, SEO, PPC, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Blogger, and Tumblr?


You and your business do. Or you should do. Because your clients and just as importantly, your potential clients sure do.

Reuben Digital does search engine and social media marketing for a living and even we sometimes think ‘enough already’. But the bottom line – and we’re sure your shareholders, partners or trustees have got time for that – is that marketing through digital channels makes good business sense, whatever your line of business.


We want to help you get visibility to your target audience and build a strong digital presence. We can accomplish this with our SEO services; the inital process involves:

  • Keyword research for SEO surrounding campaign or site requirements.
  • Competitor research and analysis.
  • Implementing UX analysis tools to provide recommendations and tweaks to improve the UX journey.
  • A site analysis and health check.
  • A website specific analysis and recommended updates.
  • Analytics setup improvements, such as eCommerce tracking / form submissions.

Once the initial work required from both sides has been completed, we will suggest ongoing SEO support starting from 8hrs per month. This will help us to meet your business needs and overcome challenges.

Social Media

Recently we ran a campaign for one of our key clients involving the use of online competitions, customer pages, and "like gates" to generate interest and 'likes' for their Facebook page, generating over a 1000 'likes' over a single weekend. Since getting the ball rolling so to speak, the their number of 'likes' has grown from approximately 1000 to 35,000!

We can enhance your exposure in the same way. We can tell you which platforms suit your business profile and needs. Whether it’s Google Pay Per Click (PPC), a Facebook promotion or a Twitter-led campaign, we’ll work closely with you to identify your niche. Then we will develop the technology and help you integrate different components of your digital and social media channels into campaigns to achieve optimal results.

Digital and Social media is like a plant, it’s a living, breathing thing that needs to be fed constantly. Our technology gives you push button content publishing across a range of social media platforms.

To paraphrase Kevin Costner in Field of Dreams, if we build it – and you add great content - they will come, whether your target is new business, existing customers, fresh donors or membership recruitment.

Get in touch and find out how Reuben Digital can revolutionise your business in 2022.

Reuben Digital. Be Good. Do Good.