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System Integrations


Connected Systems to revolutionise business efficiency

With the challenges brought about as a result of the pandemic, many businesses are now re-thinking their technology approach and moving to more separate, cloud-based solutions to better fit their new remote or hybrid working models.

Our experience has shown that these cloud-based solutions are often working in isolation or are “disconnected” from a company’s other critical components. For example, their ecommerce platform or other business applications such as CRM or Accounting tools. The consequences of this can be significant, for example instead of valuable internal resource looking at opportunities to create new revenue streams or focus on business improvements, instead time is being wasted on manual processes when in reality these could be fully automated.

Connecting the disconnected

We have worked with numerous businesses through the pandemic to connect together these sometimes-disparate systems, making things easier and quicker for them and their clients to do business though efficiencies gained via seamless data exchange and process automation improvements.

Swindon Home Finders and Reapit Integration - Reuben Digital Case Study
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XERO Business Accounting Software

A great example of system integration projects we have completed recently include advance API integrations between separate ecommerce platforms and XERO cloud-based business accounting software.

Using the XERO API we have enabled “real time” data exchange between two separate systems syncing business critical data such as Customers details, Sales Invoices, Bills and Credit Limits.

Once this data has been synchronised between systems, we are then able to automate key processes such as sending XERO invoices, Raising Credit Notes or setting Credit Limits against ecommerce sites, thus saving valuable time and improving efficiencies enabling our clients’ teams to focus on taking more strategic reviews of their business’ finances or having more resource available to support customers during peak periods.

Skills to help you

As well as XERO integration, our in-house team of highly skilled developers have completed integration projects across many systems including:

  • Stripe Payment Solutions
  • Cardstream Payment Solutions
  • Opayo (formally Sagepay)
  • PayPal
  • Arthur Property Management Software
  • Reapit Estate AgencyCloud

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Property Search Co and Arthur Integration - Reuben Digital Case Study