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Booking systems

Revolutionise your business with an integrated booking system

With the global pandemic grinding the hospitality and travel industry to a standstill, rising demand for the ‘staycation’ has presented massive growth opportunity for holiday let businesses. However, in order to maximise this opportunity and keep up with demand, businesses must ensure they have a digital strategy that includes a seamless booking system to provide the best customer experience and fully automate their process to elevate the need for any manual data collection.

An improved experience for your customers

With consumers demanding a more instant and seamless online experience than ever, no matter what service or products they are accessing – being able to instantly check availability and make bookings via your website is a must for any holiday rental company. With many of these businesses still operating manual systems to complete these basic tasks, it can be time consuming and frustrating for both the operator and the end user. The solution we’ve created at Reuben Digital provides the frictionless journey your customers will be expecting along with a completely automated process that alleviates the need for time consuming manual management. We provide API integrations for common industry platforms including Arthur, Super Control and Reapit.

Stay Cotswold Super Control Integration - Solution by Reuben Digital
Stay Cotswold Booking System & website by Reuben Digital


Maximising your growth potential

If ever there was a time for UK based holiday rentals to maximise their growth, it’s now. Although COVID-19 restrictions have forced people to choose holiday destinations closer to home, it’s also a fact that consumers are more hesitant about holidaying abroad and long-term will be thinking about more sustainable travel options. Therefore, ‘staying local’ much like ‘shopping local’ will become an increasing trend for the future. And by increasing property numbers and facilities, holiday rental businesses are able to capitalise on this growing market. But without the digital strategy and systems in place to manage this, a poor customer service will result in damaged reputation. By getting your strategy right and infrastructure in place before you begin to expand, this will allow you to service this increased volume without jeopardising your customer experience.

How we revolutionised StayCotswolds

The work Reuben Digital carried out for StayCotswolds is a perfect example of how we’ve helped to revolutionise a business with our strategic approach and integrated booking solution. By working with StayCotswolds to understand their business, current processes and business ambitions, we were able to quickly identify areas where we could make improvements and help to increase revenue.

With a legacy system in place that required the business to manage the entire booking system manually – with everything taking place offline and relying on employees being available to receive and log all enquiries – the first stage was to help StayCotswolds select the right property management system for their requirements.

With extensive experience of working with these types of platforms, we were able to recommend the perfect solution for their needs. The next step was to integrate this (via API) with their website, allowing users to instantly check availability and make bookings without anyone from the business needing to get involved.

Not only did this new system provide a seamless journey for users, as well as massively increase efficiencies for the business, but it has also provided StayCotswolds with a platform on which they can run marketing campaigns, offer special promotions and continue to expand their offering.

A digital strategy for success

If your business is looking to capitalise on the current staycation boom, implementing the right digital strategy and platform will be key. With Reuben Digital’s extensive experience in this field, we’re able to provide cost effective solutions for companies that are ready to revolutionise their business. Our aim is always to provide the best customer experience, businesses efficiencies and maximised conversion in order to lay the foundations for growth.

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