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Donations and fundraising

Driving donations through a downturn

As the global pandemic continues to impact our lives and businesses, with whole industries facing unprecedented challenges following new restrictions, it’s no surprise that the impending economic downturn will continue to have a direct impact on charities.

The charity sector has already faced huge challenges – traditional forms of fundraising have had to cease; events have been cancelled and certain services have had to close. However, in order for charities to survive and thrive in the coming months and beyond, it’s important to look at new ways to raise money and adapt to the rapidly changing landscape.

A shift in buying behaviour

While unemployment and increased scrutiny on personal finances may prevent a large proportion of individuals from making donations, it’s important to remember that there’s a large number in society that have increased expendable income due to savings they have made during lockdown.

While some industries have suffered, others have thrived. Looking at the retail sector as an example, categories such as DIY and Cycling have seen a marked increase in demand, while categories like Travel Goods and Business Wear have seen a decrease. But why does this matter for charities? People are changing their behaviour and refocussing their priorities so its essential to understand this shift and adapt your offering.

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How digital can work for you

Just like many industries, now is the time for the charity sector to truly embrace digital and capitalise on people’s change in behaviour to maximise revenue. With more and more people using the internet to shop, learn, work and find entertainment, it will be those brands and businesses that embrace this channel who will thrive in 2021. And the same goes for charity sector.

There are also large groups of society that are turning to the internet for the first time, meaning that there are captive audiences waiting for you to engage with them. With the right campaign and messaging, you can lead the way in attracting these new potential revenue streams.

How we can help

With our vast experience of revolutionising organisations and brands through digital, we know how to harness the right technology to help you achieve your goals. And we already have vast experience of working with the charity sector, including charities such as St Raphael's Hospice and The International Humanity Foundation (IHF) Case Study. Like them, we can help you make the most of this channel.

The other thing we can provide is innovation and ideas. Now more than ever is the time to try new ways of reaching your audience and driving donations. Digital can unlock new revenue streams you perhaps hadn’t thought of – virtual events or competitions, donations via eGifting and making sure your digital channel is providing the best user experience are all ways to ensure you’re making the most of the opportunities available to you.

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