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Revolutionising your business in 2022

COVID-19 has brought about rapid change across all industries, particularly when it comes to how businesses operate and communicate both internally and externally. With whole workforces switching to work from home, it has presented organisations with huge challenges. Implementing technology and systems to adapt quickly to the situation, businesses are now turning their focus on the long-term implications of the changes they have made.

One thing is for certain – the number of people working from home is unlikely to return to pre-COVID levels. So, how can businesses turn those reactive solutions they have implemented into ones that serve their long-term strategies? When it comes to business communications, we have the perfect solution to help organisations revolutionise their internal operations.

Powering your internal communications

As more and more businesses adopt a working policy that allows employees to balance their time between the home and office, with some organisations opting to continue with their whole workforce operating remotely, the way they communicate with their staff and connect their teams will be crucial to their future success. This is where a sophisticated Intranet offering can power your communications and streamline your business processes.

Advance Housing & Support Intranet - solution by Reuben Digital
Advance Intranet by Reuben Digital


Working as a central hub for an organisation, an Intranet can be designed to suit your specific business’s needs. As a focal point and channel for employees to come and engage with each other, find important information, receive updates from management and access documents that make their working life easy, it becomes the driving force of the business and can improve productivity.

Reuben’s Intranet solution

The Reuben Digital Intranet offering can really help drive your business goals. As a cost effective and pragmatic solution that can be quickly deployed into an organisation without the need for complex technology such as SharePoint, we can have your business Intranet up and running in no time. Delivering an agile and flexible platform that is based on a simple, easy to use, but powerful CMS, this can be hosted internally or externally as an Extranet.

Key features of Reuben Digital’s Intranet solution include:

  • A bespoke design to reflect your company’s brand
  • Dynamic homepage with content such as
    • Latest News
    • CEO Blogs and communication spaces
    • Quick links to key organisational information
    • Fully customisable menu and content architectures
    • Site Searches
  • Staff Directories
  • Document Library with advance search capabilities
  • Policy and Procedures document libraries 


  • Change Management and Document / Content Sign-off capabilities
  • Simple to use Content Management Tools
  • Integration with Microsoft Active Director for user credential and access rights
  • Based on Microsoft Technology Stack (MS Windows Server / IIS / MS SQL Server 

And above all else, the solution is secure, scalable and robust.

How we’ve revolutionised other businesses

At Reuben Digital, we have a number of examples of how we’ve helped businesses transform to deliver future growth. We are well versed in developing digital strategies and delivering solutions that help streamline processes and increase ROI.

And when it comes to our Intranet solution, we have already seen the impacts this platform can have on an organisation. Having successfully delivered a bespoke solution for Advance Housing & Support – a charity that helps to transform the lives of people with a disability or mental health condition by providing the best quality housing and support services – the Intranet has become the beating heart of the charity helping them to support every area of the charity with the important work they do.

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Advance Intranet - solution by Reuben Digital