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Advance Housing and Support help to transform the lives of people with a disability or mental health condition by providing the best quality housing and support services.

As the charity’s digital partner, Reuben Digital has guided the charity’s digital strategy over a 14-year period – implementing a range of solutions and improvements to help them reach more people that require their support.

A foundation for growth

The first project Reuben Digital undertook for Advance was to design and build a new website that was fully accessible – a crucial consideration for the target audience. As their main hub for communication with commissioners, parents and carers, as well as a portal for residents to access key information and services, we spent time understanding the needs of each different audience to produce a feature rich, intuitive and fully accessible site.

The site provided solid foundations for Advance to expand their offering and streamline their processes, allowing them to service a larger audience with vital support.

Award winning content

Alongside the website, Reuben Digital produced a series of How To, Infomercial and Case Study videos. These were all developed with accessibility in mind – leading the way in content creation for accessible audiences at the time of production – which is why we were proud to pick up an award for this work.

Advance Housing & Support Intranet homepage
Advance Housing & Support Intranet search

But although winning the award was nice, our real victory was in ensuring that Advance’s audiences were getting the very best user experience. And with these videos, they were able to quickly and easily digest information that was relevant to them and access the services they required.

Easy access for third parties

Once the website project was complete, we turned our focus on reducing the workload of the in-house team by developing an Extranet to house all the documentation required by third parties.

Known as the BCP Hub, this secure portal provided instant access for contractors, suppliers and critical staff to everything they needed – from policies and health and safety guidelines, to disaster recovery plans. Not only did this make it a more seamless process for those third parties using the system, but it saved a huge amount of admin time and meant that internal staff could focus more on providing key services.

Streamlining internal processes

To further improve internal processes, we designed and built a new Intranet system that featured a raft of functionality. With a vision of being the ‘beating heart’ of the charity, connecting everyone within the organisation, the Intranet serves the whole business and is a central place online for everyone to communicate and access key information.

As a constantly evolving platform, the Intranet includes document management with search function, digital policy review and sign-off function and a range of online forums that allow users to connect in one place.

A digital revolution

Having evolved Advance and Housing Support’s digital estate over a 14-year period, Reuben Digital has help to revolutionise the charity with technology. Providing the strategy and tools to streamline services, processes and the way the charity connects with users, partners and colleagues, we’ve helped to prepare the charity for future growth.

With 75% of Advance Housing Support’s online services being delivered by us, Reuben Digital is proud to continue supporting the charity as a digital partner – helping them to continue the important work they do within the community.

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