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Mestil Hotel


Creating an immersive digital experience to sell a unique destination

Méstil Hotel and Residences is situated in Kampala, Uganda – a luxury hotel and apartments within stunning surroundings, boasting facilities including bar, restaurant, coffee shop, spa, gym pool and conference spaces.

The business wanted to implement a new digital strategy, comprising of a complete rebrand and website design and build, which would bring their unique destination to life and provide an engine to drive bookings with a seamless journey for customers.

Discovering the distinctive charm of Méstil

In order to truly understand the unique experience that Méstil Hotel and Residences offers its guests, the team at Reuben Digital fully immersed themselves by embarking on their own journey of discovery by travelling and staying at this exclusive destination. Being able to understand more about how the business operates, as well as the authentic experience that guests enjoy, our experts were able to start ideating and brainstorming solutions that would help to market the location and improve business processes.

The solution needed to provide users with an immersive and frictionless journey that would help them imagine this beautiful destination, as well as check availability and making bookings with ease, and to automate these processes so that hotel staff did not have to manually collect this data.

Mestil Boutique Hotel Kampala Uganda By Reuben Digital
Mestil Hotel - Kampala Booking System - Reuben Digital

Building the foundations for success

Working directly with the management team, we were able to revamp the branding, look and feel of the site to better represent the Méstil. Developing their ‘welcome home’ messaging, the idea Reuben Digital proposed was to sell the destination as a home-from-home, appealing to their core audience – those travelling for business. Capturing beautiful imagery of the facilities, we were able to incorporate these into the design to really bring the hotel to life through the website.

With the branding, messaging and design taking form, it was time to ensure that the platform had all the functionality required to deliver the best customer experience. By integrating a fully automated booking system, customer review and feedback options, the site provides a user experience that matches the overall high quality of the experience the Méstil Hotel and Residences offers.

An award-winning platform

Since launching the new Méstil site, with its complete redesign and refresh, the destination has seen I direct increase in sales. Reuben Digital was also very pleased to win at the 2020 Luxury Hotel Awards for the work we carried out on this new immersive platform.

With a long-term relationship that has seen Reuben Digital continue to deliver Méstil Hotel and Residences’ digital strategy, with ongoing support and SEO, we are helping the business the grow and continue to offer the best possible customer experience.

If you are a luxury or boutique hotel looking to implement a digital strategy that will maximise revenue and provide customers with a chance to become truly immersed in your destination.

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