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Connecting book shops with book lovers.

National Book Tokens exist to support independent book shops, which they do by inspiring book lovers with the largest book token scheme in the UK and Ireland.

In order to continue serving their members in a fastchanging market, we revolutionised their digital presence and created a loyalty programme that engaged new users and increased sales.

Competing in a Disrupted Market.

With Amazon and Kindle shaking up the book market, independent retailers faced a major challenge and National Book Tokens needed to react in order to best support their members. They required a credible digital strategy to gain more of the market share, by actively promoting and driving footfall for their network.

Transforming a Legacy System.

In 2006, National Book Tokens had no online directory and no way of surfacing information about where customers could redeem their tokens. Their initial requirement was for a new website, which included an enhanced directory that would provide the information their users required.

By transforming their membership system and taking it online, providing book shops with the ability to personalise listings and push out promotions,we made it possible for National Book Tokens to surface key information that would encourage book lovers into stores.

Driving New Engagement.

After a successful design and build project, National Book Tokens wanted to focus on engaging more with their consumer audience.

By devising a new reward scheme, named Caboodle, they were able to drive people back to their website and increase the footfall for book shops.

Our approach was to create a standalone website where book lovers could register their cards and earn rewards, along with an e-CRM marketing programme that provided the ability to send personalised offers.

With a solution that supported additional promotions and the opportunity to develop stronger brand loyalty, National Book Tokens were able to increase engagement and drive more sales.

The Personal Touch

Following the setup of an effective rewards scheme, we helped National Book Tokens develop a new gift card offering that was fully integrated with their digital architecture. This provided customers with the opportunity to order, personalise and send gift cards online, helping to increase sales for the client.

By working with a fulfilment house to ensure a joined up and seamless approach, we were able to build bespoke technology and functionality to support this service.




A Successful Partnership.

Working with National Book Tokens for over 10 years, we’ve developed a strong relationship through our ability to offer sound advice and results that work for the long-term. Our aim is to always push the brief and think beyond a single project in order to futureproof our technology.

At every stage we have offered guidance and solutions that provide maximum ROI, as well as working closely with National Book Tokens to maintain an engaging and effective user journey for book shops and book lovers alike.

The Results.

National Book Tokens - We set up and connected over 2000 bookstores on a new digital platform, and saw an uplift in online traffic to the order of 3.5 million page views.

Caboodle eCRM - We have helped NBT engage with over 1.1m book lovers since launching

37,000 followers on FB | 500,000+ Site visitors in 2019 | 400,000 active email subscribers

Personalise Gift Cards eCommerce – 14k Personalised Gift Card Orders with an average value of £65

Delivering a Digital Revolution.

With the successful completion of these projects, we have been able to revolutionise National Book Token’s digital landscape. Additional features have kept National Book Token’s offering fresh and relevant, allowing them to compete in a digital age.

The website has been enriched with a detailed data set to provide customers with the information they require. We have created a ‘welcome’ programme that can convert customers to full ‘caboodlers’, with a system that enables them to earn points the more they interact with the website. This also includes logic that allows National Book Token’s to glean data from their customers including what types of books they like.

The website is also filled with competitions and games, including the incredibly popular hidden books game, which became a viral sensation through word of mouth.

We are immensely proud of what we have helped National Book Tokens achieve by building a digital world that drives real engagement with book lovers.


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