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Reuben Digital was approached by Snopake's marketing director in 2013, and tasked with the design and build of a new eCommerce website and online catalogue for this historic brand.

Snopake was developed by the Battelle Institute of America in 1955, for the correction of typed copy for reproduction within the printing industry and it was introduced into the UK by Ronald.E.Southey of Colyer and Southey Ltd, who manufactured and marketed Snopake Correction Fluid under license from Battelle Development Co.

The project required us to understand their extensive and often complex project set and take this learning to create an online product database that was easy to manage and easy for customers to search and buy what they were looking for.

In parallel we also had to gain a detailed understanding of Snopake's customer base from both a consumer and business perspective. This lead us to developing an exciting and visually stunning website that meets the needs of both the B2B and B2C markets; key features include online purchasing, trade portal and quotation tools.

The current website is Snopake v2, redesigned and upgraded by Reuben in December 2017 to capitalise on the existing back-end management platform and leverage mobile presentation for the new audiences of 2018. As with all of Reuben's work, we always make sure we provide a strategic platform and technology stack, so the solution can grow and evolve with your business, without the need to "start again", truly offering a real "return" on your investment!

(Interesting anecdote, Snopake are also the inventor of the "Poly File", and according to market data, a Poly File is sold every second!)

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