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We helped Theatre Tokens to revolutionise their digital offering to delight customers whilst creating and growing new revenue streams.

Results: +83.2% increase in sales over 2 years

The Challenge

The overall challenge has been to revolutionise
Theatre Tokens’ digital capability.

Our work with this client has been over multiple phases. The first of which was to create an online gift voucher sales channel, as they wanted to launch both eGifting and a physical gift cards. We also needed to design and build a new Theatre Tokens website - and create all of the required eCommerce elements.

The second phase of our work was to provide a portal for all the theatres to log into and input relevant details and offers that could be intelligently provided to end customers.

The third and most complex part of the project was to create a redemption portal for all theatre tokens (that enabled change to be issued) and create a series of web services that enabled other ticketing businesses to accept theatre tokens.

The fourth and most recent phase was to enable in-person redemption of physical card/e-credit at ticket booths.

After winning a very competitive pitch scenario, we were delighted to gain the opportunity to deliver this work. The Society Of London Theatre's digital team said only one agency had the capability and proven track record to make sense of, and deliver against a very complex brief of this nature.

The Approach

Before scoping exactly what we needed to create, we needed to partner with a gift card processor (Eagle Eye), understand the required integrations and define the logic as to how the functionality of the site would be delivered.

For example, we needed to define the logic that paper vouchers would be redeemed first, followed by eGift and finally gift cards, so it worked no matter what order the products were entered into the redemption portal solution.

This was one of the most complex briefs we have tackled, as the system had to handle the online redemption of gift cards, eGifts and legacy paper (correctly identifying 25 legacy iterations of paper vouchers), as well as meeting the needs of over 250 theatres and 20 different ticketing systems. A further added complexity was that it was crucial that the solution was able to issue change as an egift to those customers using paper vouchers.

The Revolution We Delivered

The success in this project was down to selecting the right approach and conducting a detailed planning phase. We didn’t always know what the future client requests would be, so it was essential that we built this in a way that was future-proofed and ‘long-termist’.

Each iteration involved further Research & Development work but we understood the requirements,stayed close to the client throughout and produced innovative ideas to improve the final product.

We created a solution which meant as soon as a user signs up to the Theatre Tokens website, Reuben’s automated communication strategy kicks in. Registered users receive a welcome email followed by regular updates on rewards, giveaways, offers from their local theatres, what's-on event listings and maybe even a free coffee or wine. Offers are served based on an intelligent algorithm that prioritises geographical location.

The Results

The impact of this work has been far reaching.

In terms of financial results, online sales have exploded, especially on eGifts, with tens of thousands of orders. There has been an 83.2% increase in sales over 2 years. In year 1, there was a 54.36% increase on YOY sales, and year two delivered a further 18.68% increase.

However, the client has been thrilled not only due to the extra revenue, but because the work has significantly improved customer satisfaction and their overall experience.

The Reaction

"Reuben instinctively understood the requirements and also brought their own innovative ideas to improve the final product."

Nathan Naylor, Head of Theatre Tokens at Society of London Theatre.

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