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charity and not-for-profit


From the outset, Reuben Digital has actively sought to work with charities and not-for-profit organisations. When founding director Ray Stephens started his own business in 1999, he chose to try and be as philanthropic as possible, trying to use his IT skills to help people, and think about the end results before profits. At Reuben, we have always believed that if you do the best you can at whatever you do, then the rewards will follow, and that does not necessarily mean financial. Follow the link below and explore some of the websites we have created for some amazing charities around the UK.

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Retail sector

retail (B2B and B2C)

Reuben Digital has been crafting and fine tuning retail eCommerce solutions for some of the UK's sector leading business. From school uniform to fishing tackle, we approach each project with common aims: Ease of Use, Ease of Management, Streamlined Order management and Business Processes to deliver maximum profitability for our clients, and a guarantee that our "clients' clients" will be returning for more. Proof is in the fact that many of our clients have been developing their online business in partnership with Reuben for 10+ years.

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Nike gift card

gift cards

Reuben Digital has firmly established itself as one of the leading digital agencies in the UK for specialised online Gift Card (plastic) and eGift (email) eCommerce. Working with leading UK gift card fulfilment solution providers such as Jigsaw Business solutions, Eagle Eye and NiteCrest, we have enabled our clients such as National Book Tokens, Theatre Tokens, Nike and other major brands to launch innovative and market leading gift card programmes. From API integrations to online purchase and redemption, our solutions are 100% focused on profitable business process and seamless end user experiences.

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Small and medium enterprises

Small and medium enterprises

The expertise and experience Reuben Digital has gained developing digital solutions for the likes of Nike (amongst others), and building advance cloud-based eCommerce, Intranet and websites for other nationally and internationally-renowned brands benefits the small to medium business perfectly. We're proud of our local roots and humble beginnings (and we still are humble!), and like many business we work with, we remain committed to supporting the small to medium sized enterprise with this expertise and experience. Over the past 10+ years, we have established a portfolio of over 200+ thriving SME websites ranging from the local Deli's to cider producers and everything in between.

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It will not come as a surprise to those that know us, but Reuben Digital is equally at home in a City boardroom, planning Digital Strategies for major financial institutions, as we are designing websites for local cider producers. Our collective depth of experience and corporate backgrounds ensure we understand the culture, the challenges (and dare we say politics), so that we can design award-winning solutions.

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