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Many businesses can define the business issues that annoy them but find it much harder to specify the technical solution to overcome their frustrations. We facilitate the discussion and define the 'how'.

This can be done as a one-off consultancy exercise or as the first part of a larger development project.

Our consultancy is based around a "Design Sprint"  5-phase process that shortens a solution spec and design timeframe from months to just a few weeks to deliver:

  • Digital strategy
  • Mapping and visualisation
  • Detailed specifications
  • UX / UI Prototyping and independent testing


For example, we ran a series of workshops with Swanswell Chief Executive Debbie Bannigan to learn about the charity’s personality and vision...Once the values and goals were clear, we turned to the nuts and bolts, holding a series of workshops at Swanswell to work through the technical and functional requirements. The result is a dynamic, interactive website.

Ray Stephens.

Contact me personally to see how Reuben Digital can help your business.

Ray Stephens, Founder and Digital Solutions Expert.

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