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Reuben Digital excels at responding to business roadblocks with digital solutions that improve communications, speed up processes, enhance brands, or respond to end user needs.

Our bespoke process-driven business solutions are the result of detailed consultancy work which defines the digital specification that will resolve the business need. This is all about business automation, complex database structures, streamlining and automating - but all with clarity of purpose. We use the very latest proven design sprint techniques, working directly with our client to rapidly design and prototype solutions, cutting lengthy project scoping stages from months to a few weeks. HIIII

We provide:

  • Advanced eCommerce and e-CRM solution development
  • Systems integration
  • Advanced API development and implementation services
  • Intranet and extranet design & development
  • Detailed solutions specifications / UX design and testing


"Reuben's e-CRM strategy for National Book Tokens is designed to engage customers and generate sales... as soon as a user signs up for Caboodle, Reuben's automated communication strategy kicks in... boosted by a host of competitions promoted via the regular mailings."
National Book Tokens

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