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Safeguarding Gift Card Purchases from Stolen Credit Cards

Vulnerabilities in gift card systems are being exploited, causing big concern for retail businesses.

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Building a Secure Online Gift Card Scheme: Key Considerations

With the rapid rise and expansion in the online gift card industry, it is now more important than ever to build a solid and secure platform to tackle all the modern cybersecurity problems we face.

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Creating a Sustainable Gift Card Scheme - Materials and More

With the substantial rise in online gift card purchases, many of the businesses that provide physical gift cards can be commended on taking steps to use sustainable and environmentally friendly materials during the card manufacturing and printing process.

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Gift Card Transformation: Sports and Recreation Sector

Recent data from the UK Gift Voucher & Card Association (UKGVCA) reveals that a significant 23% of gift voucher purchases are now attributed to the Sports and Recreation sector.

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